“Core Benefits is awesome to work with for our Health, Life, Short/Long Term benefits. They are very knowledgeable and explain the benefits so everyone can understand and know exactly what they are signing up for. I have enjoyed working with CORE for several years and they always go beyond my expectations.”

Gayle W., Administrator
“We reached out to several companies to get quotes, but by far CORE was our go to choice for company benefits. The experience was pleasant and professionally presented. Our needs were addressed timely and we are completely satisfied with our choice of selecting Core Benefits to serve us”

Audrey L., Administrator
“CORE’s expertise made the healthcare renewal process MUCH easier and saved me many hours. CORE provided clear concise information about all of the options and recommendations based on our specific needs. They made what had always been a tremendously complex, frustrating and challenging process very manageable and, in the end, we were very pleased with the benefit package we are able to provide for our employees.”

Allison B., Associate Director
“CORE has truly helped me setup our business the right way for now and the foreseeable future. Without CORE, I was researching every single aspect of the benefit options and related processes, which was not where my time was best spent. They took the guess work out and really held my hand through everything so I didn’t have to continually retrace my steps to figure out what was going on. I am a true believer that this company provides tremendous value to entrepreneurs and small businesses, which is where my experience lies.”
Valerie I., VP of Operations
“The team at CORE was great at providing assistance to our company’s unique demographic. We presented unusual demands as most of our workforce is very culturally diverse and spread all over the US. CORE was able to present many viable options, lower our rates and meet all of our needs. Most importantly, they have continued to be extremely responsive to our needs and any employee issues that arise. I would definitely recommend CORE to assist in securing your healthcare needs.”

Courtney K., HR
“I am very pleased with the service we’ve received from Jennifer and Lisa over the years. They have acted with the utmost professionalism in all of our dealings.”

Stephen G., President & COO
“CORE is like having a HR Dept. to handle all our benefits questions. We are a small company and do not have the resources to have a dedicated person for HR. If there is a confusing issue, I’ve let our employees talk with them directly. I am totally comfortable recommending friends and business associates to CORE because I’m so grateful for them being there to answer all my benefit questions. Especially with all the recent changes to health care with the Affordable Care Act, we needed a company to navigate us through all the changes. Jennifer and Team have been awesome to work with.”

Susan E., Owner
“My company has been with CORE since CORE first started doing business. CORE has been a fantastic resource for us. CORE staff, particularly Jennifer Gregory, have been extremely responsive and helpful. We could not be happier with the support we get from CORE.”

Daniel R., Executive Director
“Core Benefits has a team of talented professionals who are committed to their clients in every way. They are very knowledgeable about all the nuances of the ever-changing health care industry. They are great at assisting with billing questions, questions on health care reform and all other general inquiries. If you are considering a partner to navigate the murky waters of health care, look no further than Core Benefits. They are second to none!”

Ray G., General Manager
“Our experience with CORE has been great. It takes the stress out of having to shop for affordable health insurance for our firm.”

Stephanie B., Office Manager
“CORE, specifically Jennifer Gregory, was wonderful to deal with during our recent renewal process. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable, including providing us with alternatives and/or ideas. In addition, if needed, she was always willing to dig deeper to provide answers. I am extremely pleased with and thankful for Jennifer’s assistance.”

Riva S., Executive Assistant
“I am very satisfied with CORE’s services. They respond on time to questions and take care of any issues. CORE knows my business and I rely on their professionals to search and present the best options in the market for our business.”

Svetlana S., HR Generalist
“Lisa and CORE have handled our insurance for many, many years… they are very professional and knowledgeable. Awesome company!!”

Trey S., Co-President
“I am completely satisfied with CORE’s service and their understanding of our needs.”

Sherry G., Owner
“We have been with CORE for several years now and we are completely satisfied with all aspects of their service. I’ve bought group healthcare for 20+ years so I’m very familiar with this process. CORE is the best I’ve dealt with in terms of practical, useable knowledge and are extremely responsive to our needs. Lisa and her staff are just a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Jeffrey L., President and Owner
“I have worked with CORE Benefits Solutions in the Atlanta area and Charleston, SC for several years. While I was in Charleston, every time I needed something or had an issue, it seemed as if they were located right down the street with their response times.”

Nick S., General Manager
“I have been working with CORE for several years and they have always bent over backwards to answer any questions asked (and some have been very “out there”) both professionally and effectively! I am in some sort of communication with them weekly and they never mind working for you tirelessly!”

Ann F., Finance
“Lisa and her team give us great satisfaction that they are exploring every avenue to assist us in providing the very best benefits for dollar amount allocated. Core Benefit Solutions is very detail oriented and continues to be there for whatever our needs in employee benefits.”
Steve W., Founding Partner
“Jennifer Gregory and Team are amazing! They are responsive, informative and extremely helpful with any needs we have, and we have absolute confidence in their recommendations and services provided. As a course of business, we have been solicited by other companies providing the same service and there is NO way we would switch, as we feel absolutely satisfied with their personal service and support. Huge thank-yous to them for making a complex process go so smoothly and for always being there for us! You are the best.”
Ashley M., Office Manager
“My experience with CORE has been very satisfying and pleasant. Their response to my inquiries and/or requests has been more than satisfactory. I enjoy interacting with the representatives at CORE and look forward to a long and enjoyable working relationship.”
Paula C., HR
“Thanks everyone, I do appreciate everything you do. We have come through another year and you have been more than a broker. I have come to admire each of you as good friends and I also want to thank you for that friendship. I want to thank you all again for everything you have helped with over the last three years. You are still the best group I have ever worked with.”
Wiley S., HR Manager
“The CORE team is great. They always have the answers we need and they are quick to address any issue, including all follow up matters. They know the industry and take the time to get to know ours and our people so that they can provide us the best possible service. Anyone not working with the CORE team is missing out.”

John M., COO
“I am glad we made the switch to CORE. Jennifer and Lisa were very helpful with our open enrollment and have a lot of knowledge in this field. After going through a merge of two established companies, I am very pleased we went with Core Benefit Solutions.”

Sherrie B., HR/Executive Administrative Assistant
“CORE does such a great job explaining everything and making sure we have everything in place for our employee benefits. Everyone is always willing to go above and beyond for our needs. Outstanding service.”

Heather H., Administrative Assistant
“Since we are a nonprofit with limited resources, this is always a stressful decision to make. Lisa and Jennifer excel in developing renewal options that work for our organization. We knew the new benefits program would be a little rocky, but Lisa and Jennifer were very responsive if we hit a rough patch. The entire CORE team is always very responsive whenever we have a service-related issue.”
Beth E., Director of HR & Operations
“Working with this group over the years has been a great experience. They have worked with us and made things so easy and seamless moving forward with all benefits and coverage. Thank you for this.”
Jessica B., HR/Payroll Administrator
“In this time of confusion and urgency about getting the right health insurance, trying to navigate the system on your own is very challenging. When things go wrong, it can be a nightmare. I had such a nightmare with my teenage daughter’s insurance after a lost premium caused our insurer to cancel our daughter’s coverage just before she was scheduled to have a major surgery.

I spent many frustrating and scary days trying to get the problem fixed, getting nowhere and more frantic as the days passed. At that point, Lisa Owen of Core Benefits jumped in to help. After multiple calls involving escalations to higher and higher levels of decision-makers, endless holds on the phone and many conversations, we were able to get the coverage we needed for this year. I can’t imagine anyone else going the extra miles that Lisa did and did it cheerfully. I am so grateful and so relieved. Thank you, Lisa and Core Benefits. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Susan K.