Becoming a Healthiest Employer

September 9, 2021

CORE Benefit Solutions is honored to be named one of Atlanta’s Top 5 Healthiest Employers by the Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2021. Central to our business is the belief companies that invest in their people through employee benefits- health and wellness initiatives included- are what make them healthiest employers. We are focused on the role that benefits can play in personal, professional, and business growth!

More than just your traditional diet and exercise, CORE believes wellness should be well-rounded, tackling not only the physical but also the mental and emotional. Below are some of the ways we foster a healthy workplace:


Supporting Physical Health

CORE Team During Community Day

  • Walks + talks
  • Standing desks
  • Located near Piedmont Park with access to running trails and healthy restaurants in walking distance
  • Bike-share for employees and their families
  • CORE-sponsored team lunches from healthy restaurants
  • Remote working days


Supporting Emotional/Mental Health

  • Pet-friendly office
  • Accolades to team members for going above-and-beyond
  • Donation to charity-of-choice on birthday
  • Company-wide and individual community service days
  • CORE-sponsored massages during annual retreat


CORE Team at Healthiest Employer Awards

Being a healthiest employer also means responding to the environment. At a time when stress was running high in our team, CORE brought in a top tier energizing coach/consultant for an afternoon of professional and personal growth for the team. The biggest takeaway “where your thoughts go, your energy flows” captured our discussion of how to shift your energy and move forward to the next level by tackling our inner blocks. Team members were encouraged to track their feelings throughout the session to foster self-awareness, and were rewarded for their vulnerability with a complimentary, confidential private session with the coach. Leaving the session, our team felt empowered, lighter, and more connected to our values.


Become a Healthiest Employer

Offering a comprehensive health and wellness program to your employees is not just smart for business, it’s also the right thing to do. As an employee benefits consultancy and brokerage, we know client experience and company growth depend on the team, and we help our clients use their employee benefits as a tool to attract, motivate and retain talent and to ensure an optimal employee experience. So, if you are looking to create or add to a health and wellness program—you absolutely should! And here at CORE, one of Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers, we can help you craft a comprehensive benefits program that matches your culture and allows you to grow.